What our clients are saying about us.

What's so impressive about Austin (Reverent Graphics), is his investment in his product, or production if you will; his graphics, backgrounds, and music relay Catholic liturgy and movements of tradition in a modern, but sacred sense...Been a pleasure to work with him in enhancing our pre-Mass worship experience!
Bryan Webb
Building Administrator / St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
I can truly recommend Austin (Reverent Graphics), as he has done such a fine job for our liturgy here at St. Thomas the Apostle! His graphics and knowledge have made a huge difference in the meditation time before mass.
Jim Gardner
Music Director of Liturgy / St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
We at ST. Thomas the Apostle Parish are extremely blessed to be able to enjoy the creativity of Reverent Graphics. Upon entering the Sanctuary for Sunday's Liturgy, the lights are low, prayerful music is being played, and the Gospel reading for the Mass is projected on the walls along with beautiful graphics. What a wonderful way to prepare for Mass by quietly meditating on the Gospel!
Ann Hagemeier
Austin Duncan (Reverent Graphics) has been a blessing to our church and a delight to work with. Always professional, creative and eager to please, Austin has consistently delivered quality content and excellent delivery of graphic content that is both contemplative and reverent for our "pre-Mass" slide presentation. His work has changed the climate of worship even before the Mass beings...Thank you for being so dependable and easy to work with.
Linda Astuto