Why Graphic Design is Important for Churches Today

Importance of Graphic Design

Not only is graphic design a foreign term for far too many churches these days, but the thought of utilizing graphic design in a religious atmosphere is near nonexistent in many places. Those involved in the church and the day-to-day operations hear about megachurches who employ graphic designers to crank out cool designs each week and have multiple graphic designers on staff. I even used to be one. 

Most churches aren’t so lucky to be able to have this luxury, and some feel lucky to even have a decent logo that can be slapped on business cards, letterheads, and prominently displayed in email signatures.

Something that I’ve heard time and time again when pitching Reverent Graphics’ service to churches is that they can’t afford to pay for graphic design, but the reality is the exact opposite. Churches can’t afford to go ignored.

Let’s focus for a while on the importance of your church utilizing graphic design.

9 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Important

I’d like to show you 10 quotes from notable church communicators on why graphic design is so important for their ministry and growth of their congregation.

  • 1. “One of the main jobs of the church, if not the main job is to communicate – graphic design helps us do that well.” – Rebecca Harris
  • 2. “If only some churches realized there’s more to communicating the gospel than a sermon on a Sunday.” – Elizabeth Webster
  • 3. “Design speaks the international language and transcends borders. Churches should leverage it to the max.” – Steve Fogg
  • 4. “Good design is powerful. Great design is invisible.” – Neil Fischer
  • 5. “Churches need to realize the value that communication through design can bring to the table – and treat it accordingly.”
    Jordan Gillman
  • 6. “Good graphic design can drive a message, make it clearer.” – Marcy Heinz
  • 7. “It enriches the experience, adds professionalism and creates strong branding.” – Carol Wyatt
  • 8. “Good design communicates value to your guests. Don’t underestimate the power of well crafted collateral.” – Shad Fox
  • 9. “[Graphic Design is] the most important investment we made as a church-plant.” – Ben Davis

Next Steps

Although we’ve established that graphic design within churches enhances the way that churches communicate, there is still a price associated with it. Sometimes it comes down to the bottom line, and there just isn’t budget. That’s understandable. Graphic designers can be expensive, and investing in a full-time employee can be simply out of the budget. That’s why Reverent Graphics exists. We understand the importance of churches leveraging graphic design as an essential element to their communication strategy. Here’s what recommend moving forward:

1. Assess your finances

Take a look at your finances as a team and get a good understanding of whether or not you can afford to hire a graphic designer. Once you figure out if you can or can’t hire a graphic designer move on to either step 2.a or 2.b.

2.a. Hire a Graphic Designer

Take a look at your finances as a team and get a good understanding of whether or not you can afford to hire a graphic designer.

2.b. Get in touch with Reverent Graphics

While we don’t create custom graphics on a church-by-church basis, we are a great choice to add quality motion graphics to your weekly presentation.

3.a. Sign up for the Reverent Graphics Catholic Subscription

Before your sign up for a subscription with us, we would love to take the time to talk to you. We can set up a Skype meeting and walk you through an example presentation, answer any questions you have, and get you started on a plan that works best for you. Check out our About page to learn more.

3.b. Sign up for the Reverent Graphics Motions Subscription

We also create graphics that we call “pieces to the puzzle.” Motion graphics, backgrounds, and announcement videos. If you have a tech-savvy person working in your church, this may be the perfect plan for you. Contact us today to learn more about our Motions subscription.

We want to see you succeed

Shameless plug aside, our main desire is not only to see churches succeed, but grow. It seems like now, more than ever, does the world needs Christianity – and we want to help. Whether or not you have a subscription with us, please feel free to reach out. We have many years of experience in this market and have great connections with other great companies. If you’re looking for something that we don’t provide, let us know and we will be more than happy to help get you in touch with the right individuals/companies who can provide what you need.


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Austin W. Duncan

Founder and president of Reverent Graphics. Austin has worked in megachurches as a graphic designer and motion graphic designer. Currently finishing a Master's in Design and Media Management, Austin started Reverent Graphics as a way to help churches nation-wide succeed.

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