The Foundations

In 2013, Austin Duncan received an offer from a local church. The offer was to rebrand a local church’s pre-Mass announcements with updated/modern graphics, in addition to making an animated, engaging weekly verse for parishioners to meditate to before the service began. His first clients wanted these graphics to be created every week as a video they could plug into their current system. Functioning under his own name as a freelance designer, Austin maintained the relationship with his first client and continued to grow as a freelance designer and professional web developer. With a desire to create on a much larger scale, Austin woke up one day in November 2015 with a new idea and passion: to create a company that provides high-end motion graphics to churches nation-wide. Filled with this new excitement and passion, Austin founded Reverent Graphics as a place to allow that idea to grow and evolve.

Founded in 2015 on three main principles, Reverent Graphics offers weekly, custom, Liturgical based motion graphics at a price anyone can afford.Austin W. Duncan

The founding of Reverent Graphics wasn’t without principles, however. The design of this company was built entirely around three core elements that allow us to consistently provide quality and unique graphics to our clients at a price anyone can afford. While researching the market, we’ve found that a vast majority of similar options are built around templates and charge more. Reverent Graphics holds the lucky position of having the opportunity to provide completely custom and hand-made animations every week at a low price. Because of weekly schedule, we are also able to provide these unique graphics at the first possible opportunity (8 am Monday). The first and primary principle of Reverent Graphics is our “No Templates Used” policy. Through working with many different churches over the past few years, it is glaringly obvious that no two churches are the same. We’ve identified a range of unique artistic styles that seem to appeal to churches across the country, and we’ve made it a point to provide those styles to our clients no matter which subscription package they are apart of. Having an option when choosing your weekly graphics is important. Whether your church uses a modern, contemporary, traditional, or a mix of all three, we have the option for you every week. The second principle identified in the founding of Reverent Graphics is the “Options” principle. Lastly, we found that a majority of the churches we work with try to get their weekly slides down throughout each week, while waiting for different people to deliver different elements throughout the week. It is our practice to be the first element you receive. Your subscription with us doesn’t come with the worry that you won’t receive your graphics. The third principle Reverent Graphics was founded on is our “Timeliness” promise. You receive your link to download your videos every Monday, and not a day later.


Before you get started downloading graphics/subscribing to our service, we like to inform people about the process we take each week. Over the last 6 months, we’ve worked closely with clients to develop an efficient and extremely easy way to deliver verses to you in a timely manner. Read over the process below, or download our PDF to better understand how our system works. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like a custom service please contact us today.


Reverent Graphics Step 1 - Receive Email Notification


Every Monday you will receive an email notification. Within that email will be an update on any new things happening within Reverent Graphics along with a download link to each video.


Reverent Graphics Step 2 - Pick a Style


Once you click a link from the email notification, you will land on a preview page for the style you selected. After previewing the different styles and deciding, you may download that video, or feel free to download all 3.


Reverent Graphics Step 3 - Download


By clicking on the download button in the top right corner of the page, you will download that corresponding video. Be sure to save the video somewhere that you can easily find it for future reference. When you’re finished, simply close the window.


Reverent Graphics Step 4 - Play


The videos downloaded from our website are in .mp4 format. Because of the common file type, the videos will work in many different presentation programs. Simply drop the video into your program and press play.